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Gym membership in Cardiff

Do you want to become a member of a well-established fitness centre in Roath, Cardiff? Contact Dave's Gym today.

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A well-equipped gym in Cardiff

Looking for a fitness programme to help boost your strength and endurance levels? Our personal trainers at Dave's Gym can design a fitness programme that will help you achieve your individual fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass or improve your flexibility, we can help. Our gym has everything you need to keep your body fit and healthy. We welcome new members from all across Cardiff and beyond. Contact us today to discuss your fitness goals with your experienced trainers and join our family.

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Cardio Challenge

A systematic muscle building plan

Here at Dave’s Gym, we work on long-term muscle-building plan for you as we believe that establishing an appropriate training plan brings long-lasting results.

Cardio fitness

Our trainers develop the most effective cardio and calories-burning program to help your overall health. We provide a range of strategic exercises to facilitate your best possible shape.

Conditioning and strength

Whether you need to lose weight or regain your health regime to feel better, Dave’s Gym can help. Contact us today.

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To apply for the gym membership, email now 

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